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9 “Professional” Reaction GIFs for Office Affairs

GIFs are the images that move. If you know any millennials, you’ve seen a reaction GIF or two. Here are a few favorites that I imagine would be widely circulated if they were suitable for business use.

9. When a Hot Lead Gets Cold

Adele singing hello

Most business owners or salespeople have had a hot lead go cold. They’re the leads that seem like they’ve got their checkbook out and then disappear into the dark abyss of your competitors. I’m not sure anyone could reach out to say “Hello…it’s me…” better than Adele herself.

8. When You CC the Wrong People.

Ever sent an email to the wrong client? Or sent something meant for your coworkers to your boss? Few email service providers have an un-send feature anymore. Here’s the perfect visual equivalent to the feeling you get when you’ve got to wash down your own foot.

7. When You’re CC’d on a Pointed Email

A webscape short of nasty emails would be too much like right. Of course, from time to time, it’s necessary to put folks “in check.” But being copied on emails like this always puts the witnesses in an awkward situation. Here’s a visual cringe that pretty much says “Hey man… not cool.”

6. When a Client Owes You Money

Following up on really late payments isn’t fun for anyone. There’s just no nice way to say “Hey, you got our money er nah?” when it gets to that point. Maybe a Betty White glare says it better.

5. When the New Hire Slays You

There are new hires that look up to everyone in the office, no matter their position. On the flip-side, there are those that come in whistling “Anything you can do, I can do better.” This GIF sums up that feeling you get while getting laps run around you.

4. When You Recover Files You Thought Were Lost

No less than ten years ago, PCs were still notorious for yielding their “blue screens of death.” Those were the telltale sign that a system had crashed. With the emergence of network-attached and cloud storage, it’s much easier to recover sensitive data that may have otherwise been lost.

3. When Your Bonus Pushes You into a Higher Tax Bracket

Having worked at a number of plaintiffs’ law firms, I’ve had to weather the storm of their ups and downs. Sometimes smaller firms will give out big bonuses at the end of the year if they’re able to settle or win cases right around the holidays. Here’s to that awkward moment when you’re extremely grateful but will be writing a check to versus receiving a check from Uncle Sam.

2. When Coworkers Covet Your Personal Goodies

I used to work in an office where everyone but the boss was a coffee addict. As such, he deemed a Keurig appropriate for our caffeine needs. “It’s more sanitary” was his explanation. More sanitary perhaps, but expensive as all get out. I tried to take up a community fund for the ridiculous K-Cup expense to no avail. I started keeping my own stash. This reaction GIF is the perfect way to let your coworkers know you know who’s been in your cookie jar.

1. When All of Your Technology is Worthless

We have all been here. When computers and peripherals don’t perform, it can put a real damper on your work day. Too bad destroying the already obsolete office equipment is typically not permitted. Perhaps this reaction GIF can be used to show your boss what you’re about to do if you can get better office technology for work.