We have all seen content like this:

Have you been injured in a Seattle car accident? If so, call the Seattle car accident lawyers at The Seattle Firm. We specialize in getting insurance companies to pay top dollar to victims of Seattle car accidents.

This blurb teaches visitors nothing except that the firm is located in Seattle and that they specialize in car accident cases, just like 8,094,248 other lawyers. This type of bait appeals to small fish.

What Google Wants

Lawyer Climbing up Paperwork MountainOver 80{49e08ae446e06a957b76e0e44e8d0837316e79516cf60872be00d00cbe51f2b7} of web users ignore paid ads and banners completely. These web users skip down to organic results when trying to find their answers. Getting to the best of the mess is ultimately more costly than just investing in better content from the get-go. Remember:

  • Search engines want to answer queries.

  • Page Answers Query, Page gets Rank Boost

The most effective way to tell your firm’s story is not with the intention to retain clients or impress the search engine. If your web content sounds nothing like what you’d tell your kid’s classmates on career day, it’s a #FAIL. Break into a monologue about hammering money out of insurance companies and you will wipe the smiles off of those sweet faces.

When working with your staff or content generation team, keep these sage words in mind:

Angel Statue with Party Hat1. Show More than Tell

According to Hubspot, colored visuals increase visitor’s willingness to read a webpage by 80{49e08ae446e06a957b76e0e44e8d0837316e79516cf60872be00d00cbe51f2b7}. If your web content is written like a textbook, expect it to be loathed as such.

Use a combination of media types to get your point across. This makes for a better user experience, a better website, increased search engine placement, and ultimately attracts a higher-quality client.

The best lawyer websites combine the following:

  • Breath-taking Imagery

  • Text with Headings

  • Facts & Figures / Infographics

  • Staff/Attorney Photos

  • Video Clips

2. Use Case Studies & Get Online Reviews

Potential clients know that your website is designed to show you in your best light. Jargon about how awesome you and your colleagues think you are helps paint the stereotypical lawyer image. You know the one.Lawyer Shark

The more evidence you can provide that your clients swear by your services, the better.  You undoubtedly have a few that would rave about your services. Getting their testimonials in writing or in video is invaluable to your online marketing efforts.

Positive Google+ reviews directly impact web rank, and 88{49e08ae446e06a957b76e0e44e8d0837316e79516cf60872be00d00cbe51f2b7} of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

Quote Bubble on Chalkboard3. Speak English

Web pages are rarely read from top to bottom. They’re scanned and skimmed. As such, search engines give rank preference to pages that are easy to read. Your firm’s blog and page content shouldn’t set out to confuse its target audience (who couldn’t care less about motions in limine).

Online content is the first medium you have to show potential clients that you speak their language. It’s not the place to delight in your own words.