Chances are you are using “shared hosting.” As the name implies, shared web hosts store several websites on a single server. In some instances, multiple high-traffic websites are inadvertently stored on the same server. As a result, shared hosts will often throttle a user’s server resources in efforts to spread the server’s resources more evenly.

Most companies will not have a problem on a shared web hosting environment. However, if you desire a “page one” search result type of website, you must be ready to a) spend more money on hosting and/or b) use a content delivery network (“CDN”) to help cache your website’s resources.

Caching with a content delivery network allows site visitors to view the website by accessing the CDN’s server nearest to the client, versus burdening the origin server with every single request. An origin server is the physical server that hosts any given website (e.g., GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc.) This gives the website’s actual server a rest and puts the bulk of visitors’ requests on the CDN.

The result is phenomenal load time. Here are before and after screenshots from‘s webpage performance tool before and after we applied CloudFlare’s Free CDN to our own site.

Without CDN caching:

No Caching / No CDN

With CloudFlare's Free CDN: