Take Control of Your Content

Managing your firm’s website can be intimidating, which leads many to neglect making the important updates that are valuable to your business. You don’t have to know how to “code” or even what that means — focus on your area of expertise rather than wasting time learning to be a webmaster, too. Using a content management system makes your firm’s site easy for anyone to update.

Spectacle Marketing & Design creates law firm websites that utilize content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. These platforms make managing your site’s content simple; whether you’re a large firm or a one-man show, minor updates can be made in-house. Keep your website updated with essential practice information and make edits easily.

Your website is only useful to your clients when it’s updated. Ensure your clients receive accurate, relevant information about your firm right away. When you use a content management system, you’re in control — content updates can be made right away without having to wait on your webmaster to complete them. Plus, enhance your site’s SEO, boost search engine rankings, and increase the efficacy of your PPC campaigns when you keep your firm’s content updated.

Eliminate Extra Work

Spectacle Marketing & Design offers several customized plug-ins that help your firm function smoothly. Simplify daily tasks and free up time consumed by administrative duties while keeping your website and staff updated with essential information. Our plug-in solutions include:

  • Event Posting and Management: Easily manage your calendar and keep your website up-to-date with information regarding speaking engagements, panels, and other events.
  • Staff Email Reminders: Hate having to remind yourself to remind someone else to do those day-to-day items? Like your very own Siri, set reminders for yourself as well as email selected staff to complete tasks for any future dates.

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