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If your firm’s website hasn’t been updated in years, it’s not doing the job you think it is. Websites that aren’t properly maintained have outdated information, technical problems, and other issues that drive potential clients away from your firm rather than draw them in.

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Attractive websites draw more visitors, creating new leads for your firm. Your firm’s website can be your most powerful tool when appropriately maintained, or become a burden to your ability to bring in new clients. Make your website work for your firm; keeping it updated and properly maintained is an investment that offers significant return.

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With a website maintenance package from Spectacle Marketing, receive a certain number of hours of dedicated webmaster services at discounted rates. Hours can be used as needed each month to update your firm’s website with new content, fix technical and functional problems, and more.

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Our law firm webmaster service clients receive routine analysis of their websites to ensure proper function and operation. We look for technical errors as well as functional issues that could be making your site harder for clients to use and find the information they’re looking for. Spectacle Marketing keeps your website performing at its peak.

In addition to technical and functional maintenance, your legal webmaster service hours can be used to complete the valuable content updates that keep your firm’s site at the top of search results. Quality, updated content makes your website easier to market through SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and other marketing strategies that attract new clients to your firm.

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